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It is not uncommon for men to experience some sort of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Sexual dysfunction can arise due to:

    • Aging
    • Side Effects of Medications
    • Prostate Issues
    • Enlarged Prostate
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Other Medical Conditions (such as Diabetes, etc.)

    Some of the experiences men encounter when facing sexual dysfunction include:

    • Difficulty achieving and/or sustaining an erection
    • Less firm erections
    • Difficulty reaching orgasm
    • Less intense orgasms

    Regardless of the reasons, sexual dysfunction can be embarrassing, debilitating, and harmful to one’s self-confidence. While there are medications that can help with sexual dysfunction, for many men, medications can be inconvenient, unhelpful, or even unpredictable.

    Thanks to the latest technology, now there is a more natural and highly effective treatment for battling sexual dysfunction in men. This new leader in treating sexual dysfunction is called The Priapus Shot (or P-Shot) and involves utilizing the benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).


    What is PRP?

    Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from one’s own body by taking a small amount of blood and using a process called centrifugation. This process produces a plasma that has 5-10 times more platelets than are found in one’s blood. Platelets are proteins that are also called growth factors due to their amazing ability repair older, worn, or damaged tissue and promote the regrowth of newer, healthier tissues.

    How Does the P-Shot Work?

    The P-Shot works by injecting one’s own PRP into various sites of the penis that play the biggest roles in sexual pleasure and response. Once injected, patients can return to their normal activities immediately. They can even return to sexual activity immediately.

    Patients who have received the P-Shot have reported:

    • Increases in arousal response
    • Firmer Erections
    • More intense orgasms
    • Longer performance abilities

    Amazingly, patients who have received the P-Shot have also reported another fantastic benefit: an improvement or complete resolution of urinary incontinence issues related to prostate difficulties. Many men have been understandably relieved to know there is a simple and natural procedure that can completely eliminate the embarrassing struggles of dealing with urinary incontinence.

Interested in how the P-Shot can rejuvenate your sex life and put an end to embarrassing urinary incontinence issues? Contact Eastside Wellness & Aesthetics today.

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