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The ability to experience sexual pleasure is of utmost importance to most people, men and women alike. As sexual beings, it’s no wonder there’s a vast area of medical research dedicated to understanding and correcting various types of sexual dysfunction. While sexual dysfunction is most noted as occurring with men, many women can also have difficulties with libido, arousal, and climaxing (achieving orgasm).

Thanks to new technology and innovation, there is now a safe, natural, and effective option for women struggling with sexual dysfunction: platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Platelets are found in our blood and are full of proteins and growth factors that

help stimulate tissue growth, heal injury, and rejuvenate our bodies. Medical practitioners have discovered that by injecting PRP into a vaginal area near the clitoris, women can experience:

  • A greater desire to engage in sexual activity
  • A heightened arousal response
  • A greater chance of achieving orgasms
  • Experiencing more powerful orgasms than before.

    However, there is another amazing benefit to the O-Shot. Patients that have undergone the O-Shot who also struggled with urinary incontinence and leakage reported a huge reduction or a complete remission of urinary incontinence symptoms. The O-Shot can help reduce or completely eliminate a women’s need to wear uncomfortable pantyliners, constantly need to run to the bathroom, and otherwise struggle with embarrassing urinary incontinence issues.

    Are you unsatisfied with your current libido, arousal, or orgasm frequency and intensity? Are you struggling with urinary incontinence issues? Schedule a consultation with Eastside Wellness & Aesthetics today, to discuss how we can get you back on track to a satisfying and comfortable life.